Besides its delicious flavor as food ingredient, do you know that vermicelli has more of other benefits than its deliciousness that you never expect.

Glycemic index of a dish of rice, starch, sugar of 50 gm in quantity
       Type of food
Sugar level
        Glucose 100
        Glutinous rice 75
        White rice 71
        Egg Noodle 57
        Rice Noodle (big size) 54
        Rice Noodle (small size) 53
        Vermicelli (made from 100 % mung bean) 45

From the Table, it shows that the intake of this group of foods in equally 50 gm in quantity, it will cause an increase in different glycemic level. Vermicelli (made from 100 % mung bean) will be the kind of food that will cause an increase in glycemic level slowly and the least when compared with other kind of food. This will be beneficial to the body to effectively control the glycemic level in the blood and the pancreas is not required to work hard. It is beneficial to persons suffering from diabetes and persons who are at risk from this disease.

Furthermore, foods with low glycemic index and high fiber will help good weight control for persons wishing to control weight as it helps accelerate fullness.

Edited from the Research Article on the subject of Effect of Long-term Intake of Asian Foods with Different Glycemic Indices on Diabetic Control and Protein Conservation in Type 2 Diabetic Patients.

Extracted from Medical Journal: Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, Pages 85-97, ISSN 0125-2208, Vol. 84, No.1, January 2001, Re: the Study of the Sugar Indices of Various Thai Foods