New Look Pine Brand Vermicelli. In July 2005, Pine Brand Vermicelli underwent yet another change. The change was made to its container bag to look more attractive, more modern while retaining the original shape of the Pine and the red color. Moreover, the bag was changed to the type of laminated bag, sealed at the head and the end. It looks more attractive than the original bag and the new bag is more resistant to tear to guarantee hygienic cleanness before it reaches the hand of the consumers.

Together with a new sales pitch to create the difference to profoundly meet the needs of the customers with a slogan: TO REHEAT OR COOK FOR A LONG TIME, IT MAINTAINS SPRINGINESS AND DELICIOUS FLAVOR. Because we are well aware that what the customers want the most from vermicelli is its springiness. But the customers face the problem that they cannot find the vermicelli of the brand that gives the springiness. We want to emphasize to the customers that although they are re-heating or re-cooking the vermicelli, it still retains its springiness and delicious flavor. No doubt that a freshly cooked vermicelli dish will always retain its springiness and delicious flavor.