Ingredients ( for 4 servings )
  Fresh shrimp 300 gm
  Pine Brand vermicelli 100 gm
(soaked in water until tender)
  Coriander root 3 roots
  Ripe peeled ginger and sliced into rings 5 rings
  Streaky pork in thin slices 3 pieces
  Minced garlic 2 large gloves
  Cut-up celery 1 - 2 each
  Spring onion 1 - 2 each
Soup broth for Steamed Vermicelli
  Soup broth 3 cups
  Oyster sauce 1/2 cup
  Soybean sauce 3/4 cup
  Chinese liquor 1 table spoon
  Black soya sauce 2/3 table spoon
  Seasoning sauce 1 1/4 table spoons
  Granulated sugar 1 table spoon
  Pepper 1/8 tea spoon
  Fragrant chilly 1/8 cup
   How to prepare:
1. Mix together ingredients with soup broth for steamed vermicelli
Place pieces of sliced streaky pork on the bottom of the pot followed with coriander roots, garlic, ginger, spring onion and Pine Brand vermicelli over them.
3. Pour the soup broth with ingredients into the pot and stir in Pine brand vermicelli to mix thoroughly. Place fresh shrimps over and close the potís cover.
4. Braise it for 5 minutes, add coriander or celery and ready to serve.